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Dealing with the Wild Weather

With the warmest December on record happening at the end of 2015 you would have been forgiven for thinking that we might have escaped the worst of the winter and can look forward to a mild spring.

Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures we’ve been exposed to in January have put paid to the hopes of a mild winter.

So how can you protect your plants in these freezing and changeable conditions? It’s hard to predict the weather – especially since the past couple of weeks have seen daffodils and other bulb-plants begin to emerge due to the mild temperatures only to be dashed again by the snowfall.

At Two Wests we have a range of cold frame kits that will keep the heat in and take advantage of the mild weather, but protect your plants and seedlings when the temperature plummets as it is likely to do often throughout the rest of January and into February.

A greenhouse is always a useful tool to have at your disposal but if you don’t have the room or the funds to get one then there is always the option of a mini greenhouse. These are readily available and easy to put up.

Mini-greenhouses will give your plants a basic level of protection from the elements – the wind, rain and snow – but will not be the best at regulating temperature. This is a great idea for if you are growing plants that are hardy enough to withstand the English winter and you don’t want a heating element.

If you are growing smaller plants and you don’t want to risk leaving them exposed outside, even with cold frame kits, you could always utilise a propagating tray indoors to encourage the plants to grow until they are large enough to handle the outside world – or until Spring comes for real!