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Garden Planters: What to do with them in Winter?

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Garden planters look stunning in the sprint and the summer when they are in full bloom, but what can you use them for during the cold winter months when there’s nothing in them?

Usually taking up quite a bit of room, your garden planters can be used to create a stunning winter garden to bring some life to your outdoor space when it gets really cold. Dedicate a planter to evergreens and perennials or even attempt some poinsettia to add some festive red.

There are plenty of flowers and plants that are resilient enough to withstand the English winter and will save your garden from looking drab from October to April. You can choose from Violas, Pansies, Sweet William and many more winter bedding plants that come in a variety of colours.

You can save yourself some propagating time by buying these plants as younglings instead of having to cultivate them yourself – guaranteeing you garden’s good looks all year round.

If you don’t want the hassle of looking after plants that need a lot of attention in Winter then you can always opt for a Christmas-themed garden planter. Use some outdoor decorations coupled with lights and some evergreen plants like a Conifer or a Larch to create a Winter wonderland that will look amazing when the snow starts to fall.

This option requires a little effort to set up but once it is in place in the raised bed or planter you can simply kick back and enjoy the sights. And when Christmas is over you can always remove the lights and decoration and still have a garden planter you can enjoy year round.

If you have a new planter or you want to start from scratch you can structure your plants so that you have different ones flowering at different times of the year, with daffodils and such bursting out in Spring and Pansies in Winter to keep you from having to consider what to you with your garden planter once a season finishes.


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