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Greenhouse Heaters

With the weather becoming colder it’s about that time of year to blow the dust off of those greenhouse heaters you’ve been storing, or maybe look at other heating options for your greenhouse for the winter months.

Keeping your greenhouse at an optimum temperature is absolutely vital to allow your plants to thrive throughout the cold months. Cold nights and frosty mornings can be devastating to your young plants that grow in the winter months, but there are plenty of options for heating a greenhouse in winter to keep them alive!

Temperature control is one of the hardest things to master when considering the heating required for your greenhouse. It’s a minefield of potential harm, with plenty of room for error which can lead to your plants not surviving the winter. Set the temperature too high and your plants will be just as vulnerable as if you have no temperature regulation at all; set it too low and it will be a complete waste of time and money.

There are products available that have a thermostat on them that will maintain a constant temperature, making it a lot easier to judge and maintain the climate inside the greenhouse and means you don’t need to be checking the thermostat in the greenhouse every hour to make sure it’s still warm enough.

Greenhouse heating is notoriously tricky, with gas greenhouse heaters, electric heaters, generator heaters and a myriad of other products that all serve to keep your greenhouse warm. It can be difficult to choose the most appropriate product, but for whether you’re a seasoned gardener who has seen many harsh winters or a relative newbie to the greenfingered nature of growing, there is a heating product that will suit you.

Timing is yet another issue to consider when deciding on your greenhouse heating strategy. Some plants are much more robust than others and will be able to cope better with the cold, but others will need a constant level of heat to ensure they survive.

Buying a greenhouse heater with a timer as well as a thermostat will allow you to have more control over the temperature regulation, as you can set the heater to come at at particular times for a set duration at a set temperature of your choosing. You can have the heater on to maintain a temperature so that when the mercury dips below the required temperature it will kick in an regulate it.

See our range of greenhouse heaters at Two Wests and Elliot to get a better picture of the kind of products available.