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Misting Kit: The Advantages

A garden mister can be a handy tool to have for propagating your cuttings, providing a moist atmosphere in the greenhouse to ensure they have plenty of water to flourish.

The advantage of a misting kit over a traditional hosepipe is that it provides a much gentler watering solution, compared to a hosepipe that can be very aggressive and risks damaging more delicate plants or cuttings.

A misting kit will also cost you a lot less time, as you won’t need to go from seed tray to seed tray to water each plant or cutting individually. The mister will fill the entire room with water vapour which is easily absorbed by young plants and will leave you with plenty of time to do more green-fingered jobs!

Misters are also very easy to use and maintain. No more traipsing backwards and forwards to refill the watering can or to get a different hose attachment. A misting kit will allow you to set up the watering system then simply turn on the water to allow all of the plants in the greenhouse to be thoroughly watered.

Ever wonder if your cuttings are getting enough water? Do you think you run the risk of over-watering them, especially if it’s a plant you have never grown before? A misting kit will solve this problem for you as it will create the environment that allows the plant to draw as much moisture from the atmosphere as it needs, without running the risk of drowning them or flooding them.

Whilst misters work best in a greenhouse where you can control the amount of water used and the area you will be watering, there are also garden mister kits that give you the same benefits for your whole garden as well as just your greenhouse.

The only problem with this is that the elements may come into play, causing the water to be blown away from certain plants or rain to cause over-watering. Garden mister kits are useful for bigger plants that need plenty of water when there is a dry spell but care should be taken when using them in your garden with smaller plants.

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