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Potting Benches – Dedicated to Nurturing

Potting benches are the ideal place to begin to cultivate your garden, whether you have them in a shed or outhouse or if they’re out in the open.

The allow you to create a dedicated space where you can move seedlings over to their own pots, re-plant crops that have outgrown their current crops or even perform more delicate tasks that aren’t even related to potting, like taking cuttings from existing plants.

A potting table allows you to have a place where you can get lost in your gardening and completely immerse yourself in the experience, rather than having to clear a space at the kitchen table or worry about getting soil all over the place.

Another advantage of having a potting bench is the added storage it provides. Many potting tables and benches have cupboards or shelves underneath that are perfect places to store plant pots, bags of soil or even tools so that everything you need to work on your planting is in one place. No more rooting through the garage and shed to try and find the dibber or searching in the greenhouse for the trowel!

Potting benches come in many shapes, sizes and designs, with something to suit everyone. For the city gardener with just a small space to tend such as a rooftop or a small yard, it is possible to buy a folding potting bench Obviously this will not have the storage options but it will allow you to pot in peace and simply fold the table away after use – great for storing too.

For the gardener with a little more space, there are plenty of potting benches with large worktops and plenty of storage for your soil, pots and tools. Some even have backs to them which give you the opportunity to hang tools from hooks for even easier access.

Whilst many potting sheds will be used indoors, in greenhouses, shed or outhouses, some may prefer to have their potting bench outside in the open air. Whilst this allows you to get some fresh air whilst gardening, in the British summer it’s likely that you will experience some rainfall so a little cover is recommended, especially if you’re doing a lot of planting.

Potting benches are available in metal and wood giving you the option to choose which kind of style would benefit you. If you have a rustic theme going on then wooden potting benches are a good choice but for sturdiness and longevity it’s hard to beat a metal potting table.

Browse our range of potting benches online at Two Wests and Elliot to see what kind of potting area will best suit you.