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Fruit cages for protecting your produce

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Fruit cages are a brilliant invention that creates a barrier around your produce to protect it from birds and other vermin that could destroy your crop.

Growing fruit is a great way to save money and provide yourself with some delicious home grown produce. If you have a bumper crop or a large allotment you could even make some money by selling the fruit to your neighbours and friends.

It’s also a great way to fuel your gardening hobby and is a rewarding past time in the summer months when the sun is shining and you can see your produce flourishing.

This is why it can be so devastating when a squirrel or a bird spies your fruit and decides to pilfer it, taking away your reward and often destroying the crop in the process.

Fruit cages protect your fruit by providing a boundary that cannot be crossed by vermin or birds, but still allows the plants access to the sun and rain to let them grow naturally, with different heights and sizes available to ensure that the plants never run out of room to grow.

There are many different kinds of fruit cage to choose from, some of which can be expensive. A heavy duty fruit cage can cost quite a bit, but if you have a serious rodent problem or you just can’t scare away the birds and have tried everything, they are a worthwhile investment to protect your plants.

Fruit cages are a worthwhile purchase for any keen gardener who doesn’t want their produce to be vulnerable to creatures, they can be used as a vegetable cage or even just to protect delicate plants that you have in your garden and don’t want to risk being trampled.

At Two Wests we have a large selection of our own brand fruit cages as well as fruit cage frames which allow you to build your own cage. If looked after properly, fruit cages can last for many seasons which makes them a popular investment for gardeners who are growing around the year and want to protect their plants at all times.



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