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Easy Fleece Plant Jackets

“The warm south wind is taking a nap.
Zip up your coat and put on your hat.
So Mr. North Wind won’t nip at your toes,
Put on warm boots and warm winter clothes.
Put on your gloves to protect your fingers.
Now Mr. North Wind’s cold won’t linger.”

A Warm Winter Jacket . . .

We all like a warm winter coat when the weather gets cooler, and your plants are no exception. So why not treat your plants to a thick and fleecy winter jacket with one of the Easy Fleece Plant Jackets?

Made from high grade, 35gsm polypropylene fleece, they will keep your plants protected from harsh weather and pests. However, they allow your plants to continue to grow as the fleece lets through light and moisture needed to maintain healthy plant growth.

Easy Fleece Jacket

Easy Fleece Jacket protecting container plants from harsh weather

Grab A Bargain . . .

We all like a bargain, so we’ve worked with the manufacturers to get you an exceptionally good price – so you can look after your plants and at the same time look after your pennies! We’ve managed to get you a 30% discount off the normal selling price – so rather than £5.99 for a set of Plant Jackets, you’ll only have to pay £3.99!! But we can’t maintain this price forever, so be quick and snap up a bargain.

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Death By Pumpkin . . .

Yes, it’s true, the humble pumpkin has been reported to be the most dangerous vegetable to prepare – according to a survey run by, the world’s leading online takeaway service – do you maybe spot a slight problem with this survey? Just-Eat took a poll of over 2,000 of its customers and the results make interesting reading . . .

pumpkin harvest

‘Killer Pumpkins’

The Usual Squashspects . . .

Just-Eat’s results found that 88% of Brits admit to injuring themselves in the kitchen

67% of these were accidents occurring whilst preparing vegetables

With the top five most dangerous vegetables to prepare being identified as, in reverse order:

The wily Jerusalem Artichoke – 9%

The uncontrollable Turnip – 11%

The hard as nails Butternut Squash – 16%

The uncompromising Swede – 20%

And the winner is . . .

The cumbersome Pumpkin – 23%

David Buttress, MD UK for Just-Eat commented:

“Our research shows that cooking at home can be a dangerous game. When it comes to food preparation, it’s the usual suspects that crop up time and time again. Preparing hard root vegetables is something better left to the professionals. If it’s a choice between laying down the potato peeler for the night and a trip to the hospital waiting room – I know which I’d chose!”

(lets’ not forget  that Just-Eat is the world’s leading takeaway service  . . . )


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